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Springhouse 1995

Springhouse 1995


The Springhouse Story

On Mother's Day in 1995, Richard and Debbie Weber and their young children, Kayla and Mitch were out scouting properties to purchase in rural Woodford and Jessamine Counties. When driving back to Lexington on the old scenic U.S. 68, they spotted an "Absolute Auction" sign and pulled off the road to take a closer look.

The old tobacco farm had seen better days and had been left neglected and abandoned, but Richard could see the diamond in the rough (Debbie- not so much!!).

Richard returned the next day with a trusted colleague to see if she thought this property had what it took to become a viable business proposition. It was on that day that the name "Springhouse" was born by the fact that water was discovered running from the natural spring down through the woods and under the old house. If we were able to buy the six and half acre property at auction it's name would be "Springhouse."

Of course we bought the farm and the rest is Springhouse history!