Customized Design Plans

After the initial site visit, our design consultants can prepare a custom-made plan, individualized to you, your home and your property. Fees for designs vary, based on such factors such as property size, unusual site characteristics, hardscape elements and the overall complexity of the plan. Before the design process is started, our consultants will give you an estimate of the cost for the design work to be done. If you can provide detailed site plans, plot plans, measurements and photos of the site as well as ideas of planting and color preferences and/or dislikes, this will reduce the time needed to complete your drawings and plan and will help to minimize costs to you. Because of time limitations, during our peak landscape season (March to June), we may not be able to do a design only, without the installation. Please call our office at (859)224-1417, for more information and for our current schedule and fees.

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