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Sales & Specials

Tree SALE!!!

We have some gorgeous trees that would love to find their forever homes before winter! Below are just a few of the trees you can find at the Garden Center this season.

Buy 1 Tree: Save 10%

Buy 2 Trees: Save 20%

Buy 3 Trees: Save 30%

Sale applies to ornamental & shade trees. Cannot be combined with any other discount.

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tulip poplar.jpg

Tulip Poplar

Did you know this "Tulip Tree" is the state tree of Kentucky? The Liriodendron tulipifera (Tulip Poplar) is known for its unique blooms and for being the largest growing tree in the Eastern US forest. Excellent shade tree! Their leaves turn a great yellow color in the fall. The trees we currently have stand at about 6' tall and are priced at $125.

sugar maple.jpg

Sugar Maple

There are many varities of the Sugar Maple, many of which you'll see with Richard during the tree walk. The Acer saccharum ‘Commemoration’' is a new option at Springhouse. As you can see, this tree brings the drama in the fall. Gorgeous coloring! Our trees haven't turned yet, so there is still time to plant and catch their Fall show. We have two sizes in this tree. 7' are $150 each and those standing 8-10' are $205.

black gum.jpg

Black Gum

This Kentucky native is one of Dave's favorites. The Nyssa sylvatica 'Wildfire' (Black Gum; Tupelo) can reach 50'hx30' with time. Birds love its small black, fruit and you can't miss it in the Fall. It has exceptional coloring that is hard to miss! We have a few around 6' tall priced at $165 and others near 8' in size for $250.

gingko tree.jpg

Ginkgo Tree

The fan shaped leaves of this tree make it truly unique, not to mention the bright yellow color they develop in the Fall! You may have noticed a lot of this tree around downtown Lexington and you can't miss them on Catalpa Rd. in Chevy Chase. Our Ginkgo biloba 'Shangri-la' (Ginkgo; Maidenhair Tree) look great! We have a few left that are around 8' tall and $275.

river birch.jpg

River Birch

This multi-stemmed tree is most recognized for its textured bark. It also has unique branching which can look really special at night with the right lighting. Betula nigra 'Cully' (Heritage River Birch) is a great choice for wet areas like near a downspout or other drainage area. We have a few sizes available: 5/6' for $135 and 6/7' for $175.

crabapple treee.jpg

Crabapple Tree

The Malus x 'Royal Raindrops' (Crabapple) shown here is a winner all year! You'll find the branches flush with pink blooms in the Spring. The foliage maintains a purplish hue in the Summer which turns red in the Fall. It isn't often we have 3 in stock each around 7' tall and priced at $195.

Other specials and sales….


Pumpkins have arrived!

And not just your ordinary pumpkins. We have gourds in every shape, color, and size.


Mini pumpkins & gourds are here!

3 for $2! Snag some mini pumpkins to put around your home! The cutest addition to your fall table or porch!


Mums are here!

If you are looking for a pop of color this season, you can't go wrong with a Mum. We source ALL of our Mums from local farms. We are Kentucky proud!

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