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The entrance beds to our property are in transition due to the road construction project which will re-route Harrodsburg Road / US 68 to the east side of our property and will expand the highway to 4 lanes. We’re not sure what will be left of the Welcome Gardens when the road is completed in early 2010. The two raised stone planters will remain as will the three Yoshino Japanese Cedars (Cryptomeria) on the left side just behind the ailing Forest Pansy Redbud (Cercis). Across the drive on the right hand side is a beautiful specimen Lace-leaf Japanese Maple ‘Inaba Shidare’ (Acer). We built a scaffold around this plant and covered it during the killing freeze of 2007, which saved this plant from dying like most of our other Japanese Maples. A cluster of three Franz Fontaine Hornbeams (Carpinus) stand at the other end of this bed and under the shade pavilions.

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