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This garden was designed to highlight the most popular and spectacular of rose introductions in recent years - the Knock Out series. It is integrated into the stone framework of the Dwarf Conifer Garden and is more formal in nature. The circular design is divided into four quadrants outlined by a low hedge of Germander (Teucrium chamaedrys). The outer circle is defined by a dark green Taxus Hicksi hedge on one half and by True Edging Boxwood on the outer half. Each quadrant of the garden is planted in a different rose variety, Knock Out (red), Pink Knock Out, Blushing Knock Out (pale pink), and Double (Red) Knock Out. With the original four Knock Outs in one place, comparisons in growth habit, color, bloom time, vigor, disease and insect resistance is very easy. What a beautiful sight to have 6 months of vivid colors juxtaposed with the shades of year round green provided by the neighboring conifer gardens. We will soon be planting the latest of the Knock Out series, Rainbow Knock Out and the Double Pink Knock Out, nearby in the meadow by the gazebo so we can further test the durability of the series. We'll have to leave room for the Sunny Knock Out (yellow/white) due out in 2008.

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