What’s In A Name? Or a Tag Line?

1995 - Richard and his wife Debbie founded Springhouse Gardens on the site of an old tobacco farm on Historic U.S. 68, just south of Lexington.

Inspired by our site’s history and uniqueness, we began developing our first logo, we wanted one that that felt old, historic and earthy and used our entire name. On a whim, the mallard duck dotted the ‘i’ and he has been flying over Springhouse ever since.

2002- A local sales rep said to us, “You know coming here is more like taking a walk in the park.” Voila! A new tag line was created. “Come Experience Springhouse Gardens…Where Buying Plants is a Walk in the Park.” We hear many new customers who don’t know it’s our tag line, reinforce it in their comments, so at least we know it’s still true.

2007- We were brainstorming, trying to come up with a new ad for our WLEX TV and I suggested, “Come Experience Springhouse Gardens…Where Beauty is Always in Season.” It had a nice ring to it, so we decided to use it for that campaign. Since then, it has been put to use in a variety of marketing projects. We haven’t officially adopted it, so we’re torn between the two. We may have to take a vote on it and let our Springhouse customers to decide! It was time for a fresh look here at Springhouse and we knew we wanted our logo to have the feel of a classic Kentucky landscape with an old limestone springhouse, plank fences, rolling hills and even a couple of horses. The tree in the center of the scene is a rugged Kentucky Coffee Tree, a common tree on farms in the Inner Bluegrass and the clusters of evergreens represent Eastern Red Cedars which are also native to Kentucky. The daffodils pay homage to one of the few ornamental plants that we found when we bought the former tobacco farm.

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Springhouse Garden Logo
Springhouse Gardens.
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