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A visit to Springhouse Gardens offers a glimpse into what makes the Bluegrass region of Kentucky a unique and interesting place. Springhouse Gardens is situated on 6 1/2 acres of rolling topography surrounded by horse farms, a golf course and picturesque farm fields. Several sinkholes, a natural spring, mature hardwood trees, the original farmhouse, and tobacco barn have been carefully preserved and incorporated into the design of this unique nursery and garden center. Traditional dry-laid walls have been built to create beautiful and functional landscape features appropriate to the area.

We've retained and recycled many old farm items and implements to accentuate our rural atmosphere. Old fence boards have been transformed into display tables and stair steppers. Stainless water troughs hold aquatic plants. Look into our display gardens and you may discover old plows, antique columns, old windows and doors and maybe even the former owner's old mailbox. Little red wagons are our signature "shopping carts" and can be pulled throughout the garden center to help our customers carry all their horticultural treasures.

Along with the natural features and historic nature of our site, we've created many beautiful gardens to serve as an inspiration and to illustrate how plants grow and mature in combination with other plants. A few of the special areas to explore include the following:

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