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Springhouse Gardens was created to be a place for plants and people. The owner and founder of Springhouse, Richard J. Weber, has had a lifelong love of plants and nature. He began gardening at a very early age, and his love for plants and design were combined into a career in Landscape Architecture. He always dreamed of having a place where he could create beautiful gardens for people to experience the beauty and wonder of plants, and then be able to take home these plants to grow and enjoy in their own gardens. Springhouse has given Richard that opportunity, and he and his talented staff have transformed their 6 1/2 acres into a garden paradise!

We invite you to visit our site and experience it for yourself. Springhouse is so much more than just a garden center; it is more like a wonderful public garden. So, if you like interesting plants, and if you love beautiful places, we are sure you won't be disappointed.

If you can't get here in person, come and "walk" through our website. You'll soon see why being at Springhouse Gardens is like a walk in the park. Enjoy!

Our garden center and grounds are open year-round, but our hours of operation vary - depending on weather and time of year.

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